If you have recently been renovating or simply decorating, you probably know that the builders’ dust is a nuisance. Regardless of how big the renovation is, the dust has this magical ability to stick to everything and it can take weeks to get rid of it completely. The simplest thing you can do is to book a professional cleaning agency to do this task for you as they know exactly how to tackle the builders’ dust. However, if you don’t want to spend money on cleaners, you can get rid of the after builders dust yourself.


If you prepare your home before the arrival of the builders, you can save yourself a lot of headaches. Make sure that you completely cover your electrical gadgets and appliances to protect them from dust, which can damage them. Don’t wait for the builders to finish the job – clean every day. This way you will prevent the buildup of dust and when the builders are gone, the cleaning will take no time.

Avoid sweeping

When you sweep dust, you normally spread it everywhere. Instead, you have to mop it, which is a much more efficient way of cleaning it. If you have big chunks of plasterboard or plaster knocking around then you have to sweep them but when you do that you should open all doors and windows for proper ventilation.

Ceiling and walls

Yes, the builders’ dust would buildup on your ceiling and walls too. Once the builders are gone, you can wipe the dust off gently with a cloth that has been dampened slightly. Make sure you don’t damage the paint or any wallpaper you may have on the walls.

Vacuuming and mopping

Vacuum your entire property completely before you start mopping. This will get rid of the dust and make your mopping much easier. Clean the filter of the vacuum regularly so you don’t damage it. When you start mopping you have to remember that it may take several attempts before your floor is spotless. This will depend on the level of dust that has been left after the builders are gone.

Final tips

When you have builders doing renovations in your property remember to constantly keep the air flowing whilst they are working. This will prevent the massive accumulation of dust as the dust would escape through the open spaces. Arm yourself with a powerful vacuum cleaner to ensure that all dust is removed efficiently and not spread back into your house. Check with your local shop what the best equipment you can buy is. After builders cleaning can take a lot of time – several weeks in some cases. Just try and stay patient and clean as regularly as possible to remove it all completely. Of course, you can always cheat and book an after builders cleaning service with a professional agency that can get rid of the dust in no time. Whichever direction you go, the choice is all yours. Removing the dust as fast as possible will prevent health issues and allergies.

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