Caring for your carpet.

When furnishing your home, carpeting constitutes a substantial part of your budget; so its correct maintenance is essential.  With the correct care and attention its lifespan can be increased, and its appearance upheld.  Therefore some thought needs to be put into its upkeep.

An effective barrier mat at the entrance to your home is an ideal first line of defence.  It is claimed that they stop, up to 80% of dirt entering your property. Considering the damage that this debris (sand and grit etc.) can cause to your carpet, this is obviously a worthwhile investment.

Vacuum frequently and thoroughly.  

For best results use a high efficiency particulate arrester (HEPA) model, this captures the smaller particles and has been found to be beneficial to allergy or asthma sufferers.

Accidents in the home are a fact of life, milk gets spilled and plates get dropped.  What is important though is you act immediately; the longer the stain remains the harder it is to remove.  Blot the stain with a ball of kitchen towel, never rub it, this will only spread it.  The next stage is to dab with a white towel that has been soaked with cool water (do not over wet).  Finally, place a dry white towel over the stain, and weigh down with a heavy object.

In our opinion do not use “over the counter” stain removers, these often contain a bleaching agent; they may damage your carpet.

Sometimes the only option is the services of a professional carpet cleaner.  They have the experience and training to use many detergents and spotting agents. Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) blasts the fibres with a high-pressure jet, then drags out the dirt and suspends it in solution.  This removal of grit from the base of your carpet is probably the greatest factor in extending the life of your carpet.