Brightlingsea Carpet and Window Cleaning specialise in the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning (sometimes called steam cleaning), as we feel this offers the best results and the deepest clean. The carpet pile is injected with a pressurised solution of water and shampoo, the dirt is suspended in the water and extracted out with a high powered vacuum, drying in just a few hours.  We feel we offer the Clacton area a premier carpet cleaning service.

Your carpet is a major investment in your property, and its proper cleaning is best left in the hands of professionals. All our staff is fully trained in the use of the latest cleaning agents and have extensive knowledge of spotting and stain removal. Each type of carpet fibre has unique properties which we take into full consideration whilst cleaning. The spray and water temperature has to be fully adjustable, and the ph scale has to be observed.

Our aim is to provide the Clacton-on-Sea area with the latest in carpet cleaning technology.

What can you expect after a visit from Brightlingsea Carpet Cleaning? Our first priority is obviously a noticeably cleaner carpet. Our clients also compliment us on our lifting and softening of the pile, and also eliminating stale odours.

Additional carpet cleaning services include:

  • Deodorising. It is important that smells such as pet urine are not just temporarily masked.  They have to be neutralised and eliminated with the correct chemicals.
  • Sanitising.  After flooding, microbes and bacteria accumulate in the carpet fibres, spreading disease and creating odour. We use the correct cleaning method and chemicals to restore balance.
  • Stain protection.  Using a fluoropolymer fibre guard, we can protect your carpet against both oil and water based stains.
  • Static removal. This reduces the build-up of static in problematic areas.

We offer a specialist  stain removal drop – in service, to our clients in Colchester, Clacton, Wivenhoe and the surrounding towns in north Essex.

Please contact us now to discuss your needs.